Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer time is over in Oz

Hi there!
Summer is over in Australia and on the first of April, we had our first day of 'autumn' (or 'fall', if you live in the States). In our regular Purdue/UniSA editorial meeting, the Grammar Gang was discussing the language used in different cultures to talk about the weather.
In Australia, summer is traditionally linked to long days on the beach. We often say that it is 'beach weather'.
If it's very hot: 'It's a stinker today'
Humid weather: 'It's muggy today'
If there is a shower: We are having a spot of rain. If it's heavy rainfall: 'It's raining cats and dogs' or 'good weather for ducks'
Please post your weather language and sayings and let us know on Earth you are from.
Susanna Carter
Learning Adviser, University of South Australia
Adelaide, South Australia