Thursday, August 21, 2008

Event number 2 - Diving

Can you twist and turn without making a splash?


Write a sentence no longer than twenty (20) words that uses the most silent letters.

The winning sentence will receive a dual prize package from the UniSA Learning and Connection and the Purdue Writing Lab.

*Judge's note: from a linguistic perspective, there are various types of silent letters, including exocentric digraphs, endocentric digraphs, inert letters, and empty letters. For this competition, all types of silent letters will be counted.


Anindita said...

Here's my entry:
The phlegmatic psychiatrist caught pneumonia on account of his failure to find warm accommodation, enough towels, and heavy chicken soup.

Andrea Duff said...


Many thanks for participating in the Diving event. I see you have an interest in technical writing. Poor Psychatrist!

We (at UniSA, Mawson Lakes) also are keenly interested in technical writing as many of our students are computer science or engineering students. (I encourage you to check out Anidita's blog, everyone!)

All the best
Andrea (on behalf of the UniSA and Purdue Grammar Gang)