Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Event number 1 - Track and Field

Can you make the distance?

Who can write the looooooooooooooooooongest sentence that makes sense to the reader?



Andrea said...

Now don't be shy...

Carole Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea,
This is the sentence I was referring to as an example. It is from the Seeress of Kell by David Eddings and is one of the longest sentences I've ever come across. Even out of context it does still make sense although I suspect it would help to know the story.

"I presume to bear thee warmest greetings from their Majesties, King Korodullin and Queen Mayaserana, monarchs of well-loved Arendia, for, doubtless, as soon as I return to Vo Mimbre and reveal that those who were once lost are now joyfully found again, their Majesties’ eyes will fill to overflowing with tears of thanksgiving, and they shall embrace thee from afar, if needs be, as a brother, and, as great Chaldan gives me strength, shall I presently return to thy magnificent city with missives top-filled with their regard and affection which shall, methinks, presage a soon-to-be accomplished reunion – may I dare even hope, a reunification – of the dissevered branches of the holy blood of sacred Arendia."

Eddings, D. 1991, Seeress of Kell: Book 5 of the Malloreon Corgi, London, p. 379.

Anindita said...

uh, oh. Is there a last date? May I participate? If I may, here's my entry:

And so he ran - his hair up in spikes, his forehead aglitter with sweat - as if King Kong were in pursuit which, incidentally, was far from the actual reason of this mad, lung-swelling, calf-muscle-weakening dash towards the last pint of beer, balanced precariously at the edge of the table at the far end of the football field.

Andrea said...

Carole and Anindita - these are brilliant!

Stunning, in fact :)

I am reminded of a course coordinator I work with in engineering who once told me that he wrote an 80 word sentence which was then followed by a three word sentence. :)

Personally - having a journalism background - I love short sentences.

The punchier the better. However, you have certainly demonstrated some wonderful athletic prowess with your use of commas.