Friday, June 27, 2008


Today (June 27) Andrea Duff from the Learning Connection at the University of South Australia (UniSA) visited Linda Bergmann (and others) at the Purdue Writing Lab. One outcome of our discussion was to start an international discussion about teaching/learning/talking about grammar, style, and language issues as a part of the writing process. And so we started this blog. Stay posted!

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Danielle said...

Great idea ladies. And thanks for the cookies Andrea!

--Danielle Cordaro.

Unisa blog team said...
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Unisa blog team said...

I agree with Danielle - what a great learning community this will be - I can only see benefits for both parties.
Susanna (UniSA)

Liz Horrocks said...

Hi everyone and greetings from the University of South Australia. My name is Liz and I am a team leader and member of the of the Learning Advice team at the university. This is a really wonderful initiative started by Andrea and Linda and I can see it becoming a great success.

maybe one day Purdue staff can come over and visit us in Adelaide to see what we do here. But for now keep up the good work and I look forward to posting many comments on this blog

Andrea Duff said...


I have chosen to 'redo' my original comment using my 'real' name rather than linking to a site which had obsolete blogs on it!!!

Story suggestions (again)

* When G'day meets Howyadoin' - idiom in language
* Some tense moments
* Can you think of some more?


Brady Spangenberg said...

Hi folks,

Greetings to everyone, particularly our new partners at UniSA. I have some material to post, but I cannot figure out to create a new thread. Can someone help me?

Every now and then we receive difficult inquries through the OWL, and I want to post our responses to these.

I'll also be managing a Grammar Group this fall, which meets once a week for an hour to discuss all things grammar related. I plan to post recaps from these sessions here as well.


Brady Spangenberg

Linda Bergmann said...

A few comments:

Footy (football)--I bet that's what Americans call soccer?? (I hope I spelled that right.)

telly programme--Don't you folks know how to spell "program"?

Sickie--That was the nickname of one of my college friends.

Linda Bergmann

Andrea said...

Very funny, Linda! LOL! (Your poor friend!)